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Meet the Backbone of Thibodeau & Beadnell: Our Support Staff

At Thibodeau & Beadnell, our skilled paralegals are instrumental in ensuring the meticulous preparation and smooth progression of each case. They work hand in hand with our attorneys, complementing their expertise with vital support.

Yailin Rojas

Yailin Rojas


Yailin Rojas, a distinguished Venezuelan attorney, brings over 15 years of extensive experience in family law to Thibodeau and Beadnell Law Group. Her legal journey commenced during her academic tenure at the Gran Mariscal University of Ayacucho, where she honed her skills while working at the Superior Civil Courts in her hometown. This hands-on experience, coupled with her academic prowess, laid a robust foundation for her legal career.

Upon earning her law degree, Yailin further enriched her expertise by joining one of the city’s most venerable law firms, renowned for its proficiency in Civil, Commercial, Labor, and Family law. Her commitment to continual growth led her to pursue a Master’s degree at the Experimental Pedagogical University of Monagas State, further cementing her position as a knowledgeable and skilled attorney.

At Thibodeau and Beadnell, Yailin applies her comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape to navigate the complexities of family law, ensuring that her clients receive dedicated and effective representation.

Thibodeau Beadnell Paralegal

Jazzly Delacruz


Jazzly Delacruz is a receptionist at Thibodeau and Beadnell Law Firm. Jazzly is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and is certified by the NRF Foundation in customer service. Her duties include client service and assisting case managers with varying tasks. She dedicates herself to ensuring every client walks away with a positive experience. Jazzly was born and raised in Danbury and plans on becoming a paralegal.

Prior to joining Thibodeau and Beadnell law, Jazzly was an associate property manager at a property management company. She provided good communication, as well as proactiveness with her tenants.

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