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In Carmel, NY, navigating the complexities of criminal law demands experienced and knowledgeable legal representation. Our law firm offers unparalleled expertise in handling a wide range of criminal cases, from misdemeanors to serious felonies.
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The Rich History of Carmel, NY

Carmel, nestled in New York’s Putnam County, is a town rich in American history and natural beauty. The region, originally home to the Wappinger tribe, transitioned into Dutch hands in 1691 and was later acquired by Adolph Philipse in 1697 under an English royal patent. Carmel’s European settlement traces back to around 1740, pioneered by George Hughson.

The Carmel Courthouse

Architecturally, the Putnam County Courthouse, constructed in 1814, stands out as one of New York’s oldest operational courthouses. Carmel has witnessed key historical moments, including a 1965 plane collision and significant natural events like the 1971 tornado.

Peaceful Retreat

Spanning 40.7 square miles, Carmel’s landscape mixes land and water, sharing a boundary with Westchester County to the south. Positioned about 50 miles north of New York City and near Danbury, Connecticut, Carmel offers a serene, historically rich environment, blending past and present seamlessly for its residents and visitors.

DUI Lawyers in Carmel

At Thibodeau Beadnell Law Group in Carmel, NY, we specialize in providing expert DUI representation, ensuring our clients receive knowledgeable and compassionate legal support during these challenging times.

Criminal Lawyers in Carmel

Thibodeau Beadnell Law Group offers seasoned expertise in criminal law, providing clients with comprehensive legal support, from strategic defense to personalized advice, in a range of criminal cases originating in Carmel.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Carmel

Thibodeau Beadnell Law Group in Carmel, NY, is dedicated to representing clients in personal injury cases, offering expert legal counsel and unwavering support to secure the justice and compensation they deserve.


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“After my accident, Attorney Thibodeau fought relentlessly for my rights, ensuring I received the compensation I deserved.”
Mark W,
"Attorney Beadnell expertly navigated me through the complexities of real estate law, making my property transaction smooth and stress-free."
Julie K.
"The Thibodeau Beadnell Law Group combined their expertise in both personal injury and real estate, providing me unparalleled legal support every step of the way."
James N.
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